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What the H E Double Hockey Stick is Audio Augmentation?

Audio augmentation is an art. An ability to finely tune sound to either please the ear or create pure chaos. Dark Oak Productions has the capability to create almost any sound your looking for from modern to classic, lo-fi to hi-fi, western to sci-fi and everything in between. Check out our YouTube channel as well as our Facebook page to become a fan. Sound is our passion and an art form to enjoy and we take pride in our work so that you will be as happy with your new project as we are.


Sounds Expensive?

Nay the now! Every project is tailored for your needs and the cost depends all on what you want. Money is not the only thing that will get you your special sound designed for you. We also believe in the bartar system too! Offer a trade and we'll see what we can work out for you.

Uh... Socially Speakin?

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The best way to contact someone here is through email and it's the quickest way to get a timely response.Email us for info.


Some samples of our work

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